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Almost everyone has had an arm wrestle

at some point in their life. From school desks, work canteens, pub tables & gyms come enthusiasm. Is it really a sport? Well yes, it is & there are high level competitions held all over the world. Different rules have developed in different continents with America favouring a more relaxed rule set whilst Europe & Asia have more strict interventions. Japan has it's own form too which was formalised in 1927. New leagues have emerged recently incorporating more variations. The UK & Ireland is in a unique position geographically for armwrestling. We have pullers who have gone West & competed in the World Armwrestling League & WAF championships - others have gone East to contest WAF, IFA & PAL competitions. Dubai is a new centre emerging - we have had representation there - & even the far East of Malaysia & Japan have welcomed a presence from the UK & IRE. Our calendar reflects the diversity of opportunities available & has something for everyone. We direct newcomers into the club system - simply for safety as very strong people can easily injure themselves if some basic technique is not understood. Get yourself in shape, learn the basics & throw yourself into this fun & challenging sport. See you at the table. 

Dan Earthquake

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