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Meet the team


Dan Earthquake


Dan Earthquake currently competes in both Novice & Pro competitions.


Dave Kelly

Novice and intermediate president

Vice President Dave Kelly is a mainstay of the Pro class & oversees the PAA's Novice & Intermediate classes. Dave is an innovator manufacturing strength & armwrestling specific equipment.

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Tom Atherton

Vice President

Tom is matchmaker for the Armwrestling Gods promotion & an active Pro Armwrestler in the under 105kg class.


Stanley Hamilton

Vice President

Stanley competes in the under 86kg pro class & is active in the development of Northern Ireland Armwrestling.


Alan Milne


PAA Treasurer Alan Milne is an active Pro puller with a wealth of experience. As coach of Swindon Crusaders Alan has seen many of his students become champions.


Kath Whitaker

Head Referee

Ever present PAA Head Ref Kath puts on the stripes to keep order & ensure fair play at the tournaments.


Paul IRON Maiden


Honourable Ambassador

First PAA President Paul IRON Maiden has won 25 British titles & is internationally recognised as a formidable opponent. Paul currently coaches Club Torture & represents us as our honourable Ambassador.