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Open Warzone winners


Updated 6th March 2024

Short version:

There are no set weight classes at Regional Warzones:
Weigh in on day determines order for first round of warzone & finals.

In all cases it's one big class. 

Long Version: (Read this fully before emailing questions)

Nationals determine who the champions are at certain weights. This allows for bragging rights, recruitment by independent promotors & progression to international competition. 

In the regionals it has less value. Set categories aren't always well supported. A person could win their weight class & on paper it looks good but there were only a few others. If you cut weight, travel a few hundred miles & find the category isn't running because no one else showed up it might feel like wasted effort, similar to an easy win against a few others. The results lead to people saying you should have moved to the pro class already & the whole set up is unsatisfactory for all concerned. 

Warzone solves that & provides multiple opportunities for all of the pullers.

Everyone weighs in on the day in the clothes & footwear they will pull in. 
Two lists are created for each arm: Pros & Novices. 
Depending on numbers, both lists are ordered into reasonably equal weight classes of Light, Middle & Heavy. 

Everyone pulls in the same Warzone. 

In round 1, the 2 lightest novices pull each other. 
The next lightest takes on the winner & this continues until the heaviest Novice is called. 
After that the heaviest Pro starts & the order goes down the weights until the lightest pro has pulled. 
Then the order is randomised for each round. 
To contest the overall final, 6 people need 10 pins.
When the 6th qualifies for the final all the tallies are noted for the positions of the classes to be calculated.
If someone pulls out of the final the puller with the next highest tally will be invited to pull instead. 

Medals are awarded to the top 3 of each of the categories based on the number of pins gained against others in their class.

Working out the weight classes.
If there are less than 20 pullers in total, 9 medals are available: Top 3 overall, top 3 pros, top 3 novices. 

For both Pros & Novices

There have to be 10 pullers to add lightweight medals. 
There have to be 20 pullers to add middleweight medals. 

In the overall final the 1st to 5 pins is the champion. 2nd & 3rd places also have to get 5 pins. 4th, 5th & 6th are determined by the score or playoff if there is a tie.  

In the Warzone, winner stays on for a maximum of 4 pins in a row. Then there is a mandatory break until the next round. No elimination until 6 people are in the final. 

For very large large turnouts two tables might run at once with the four lightest novices starting & the next puller on the list goes to the first table available. This relies on having enough referees. 

Alternatively after the first 3 finalists have gained their 10 pins to secure their place, the threshold for the final three places could be lower. 


LADIES OPEN - if only 2 ladies, it will be a first to 3 supermatch to determine the winner. If more than 2 the format will be discussed with those attending - double elimination tournament or single elimination supermatch tournament. These will play straight to final with medals awarded.  

MASTERS. If all the Masters wish to take part in Warzone, the highest placed Master will win the Gold with the 2nd highest getting silver. If the consensus is that they want their own category, both left & right arms will take place in the interval between Warzone Right & Left. 

The next Warzone - CRUSADER CARNAGE - is on 13th April in Swindon (See calendar). As BULLETS BACKYARD started with Left arms first, it will be RIGHT ARMS first in Swindon & back to Left for HOSTILE MONSTERS in Motherwell. 

Progressive Safety for Novices

First timers at a tournament are advised to be cautious - pull safely & use the multiple starts to get your timing & gain match experience. If you feel confident go hard with no expectation whilst keeping yourself in safe position. That last piece of advice works well for everyone actually. 

PROS - please help the new novices

If you know you can win, give them some rope before you pin them & advice afterwards on how to improve. We want to develop the strongest team possible & export it around the world.


Nationals will remain double elimination in the usual weight classes of -65, -75, -86, -95, -105 & +105 & Ladies Open. Masters 50+ is in the Pro nationals only. 


James Wall won at Woodthorpe.
James Stewart won at Motherwell.
Lee Webber won at Devon. 
Artur Pieczykkolan won Novice left at Armagh.
Mindaugas Mackevicius won Novice right at Armagh.
Dan Hanlon won at Leeds (& Armgods Wolverhampton)​

Paul Maiden won at Edern.

Reuben Hughes won left at Birmingham.

Josh Davis won right at Birmingham.

Who will be the next Warzone champion?

Warzone: Welcome
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