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Congratulations for qualification.

We are the Professional Armwrestling Association & as such it is part of our remit to run tournaments to facilitate the progression of Armwrestlers to Pro Status. In 2023 the PAA ran six regional tournaments: Irish Open, Woodthorpe Warzone, Monsters in Motherwell, Devastating Devon, Armagh Agricultural show & Yorkshire Cup Warzone. We also held the Novice Nationals & Pro Nationals are at end of November. ARMGODS, United Armwrestling League, British Sit Down Armwrestling Association & London Colossuem ran tournaments that were considered in the rankings. Rankings rely on access to reliable results so if the tournament you pulled in did not publish results or have any sort of traceable structure they will not be considered. A reminder of the criteria: 

Winning the Novice Nationals.
Winning two non national competitions
Gaining three novice places
Gaining two pro places
Armwrestling for 5 years.

Those who are past 5 years (from first tournament or supermatch) need to contact me for your certificate. There are some tender souls who train for half a decade without competing for whatever reason - we can't assess them for anything because we have no context. Competition experience is what cultivates progression. 

There are grey areas & instances where promotion might be delayed: where two places were gained on the same day or in small classes that were not fiercely contested. I make reasonable attempts to contact those for promotion & at every PAA tournament is an envelope with certificates waiting for collection from the newly promoted. Some people who appear on results sheets with a place might have won with less than six in the class. They came to fight all comers - so we do not diminish their achievements - but we have to take that into account before throwing them into the pro division with little or no experience. Context is everything & not obvious from results alone. 

Those wishing to exit the Novice division can do so by entering the Pro class exclusively. We don't award certificates for that, but it is a pathway. Connor Zuccotti gained a place in the 2021 Pro nationals & entered Pro class competitions thereafter. He won his weight class on both arms in 2022 cementing his status, a fine example of dedication & perseverance. 

There has been some talk from some wishing for an intermediate class. This was briefly introduced in the early days of the PAA when the gap between novices & pros was much bigger due to the lack of competition opportunities. The current system of progression, the amount of supermatches & tournaments available & the Warzone format provide adequate experience for those dedicated to improvement. If you are a new pro feeling that you have no chance in the class train harder & get stuck in. The random draw will likely feed you a few of the people behind you that you smashed to get where you are. There is a big turnover as people come in & out of form - winning is only impossible if you don't bother to turn up 

Supermatch results are not considered for pro status - results are not generally published & rankings based upon them are subject to context which is hard to find. If you want to improve, use the supermatches to improve your table IQ & take matches that will test you rather than ones that you can get an easy trophy from. 

If you think you have been overlooked contact me via the get in touch button to discus what records I have - some are obviously incomplete. 

2024 ADDITIONS - This is updated


George Badea

Darren Waring

Joseph Lawrence

Ervins Trubacs

Luke Guadagni

Anthony Sandall

Steven Taylor

Tara Liggett

Mindaugas Mackeviciuss

Petrich Andrusi


Neil Cass

Dylan Gosling

Thomas Lilley

Mindaugas Dumbra

Dom Crane

Dane Colvin

Harley Potter

Alexandru Necseriu

Noah Burton

Denis Lisicins

Sylwester Straczynkski

Curtis Reynolds

Damian Muka

Stefan Putter

Charlie Owen

Robbie Byrne

Vladislav Prikodko

Matt Smith

Dan Stone

Hasan - Al Hakim

Stefan Pantelic

Finbarr English

Diarmuid English

Mihai Gherman

James Murdock

James White

Mike Emery

Ryan Barbour

Dafydd Lewis

Chris Thomas

Rob Brown

Viswa Mavuri

Ivan Minev

Dan Earthquake

Cillian English

Andrei Porca

Omar Al Nuri

Nik Dodd 

2022 additions.

Alex Hill

Andrew Jones
Arturas Sakutis
Ashley Harmsworth
Ben McGibbon
Billy Davies
Boiko Artem
Connor Zuccotti
Cormac English
Darren Stark
David Prokupek
Dawid Kucinski
Drew Holloway
Dwaine Rees
Ernestas Linius
Gary McKelvey
Joe Sirichas
Jonel Melmicic
Jon Murphy
Josh Powell
Kelvin Coogan
Kristiyan Iliev
Luke Bowers
Mark McGinley
Mark Waldon
Mitch Tutt
Nicolae Barbu
Reece Aldridge
Reuben Hughes
Sam Schofield
Scott James
Simon Wrigley
Stuart Acton
Zsolt Papp



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