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Note these relate to PAA organised tournaments. Individual promoters may have different arrangements.

Can a novice enter a pro class?

- Yes. Novices may enter a pro class. However, please note that a Pro weight class requires 3 established Pros to run.


- Getting a top 3 place in a Pro competition has to be earned. If only one or two established Pros are in the competition & the novice gains third, that score isn't reflective of the standard. If it gets recorded for promotion purposes the puller will exit the novice class earlier than their ability allows & this does not benefit anyone. Pulling against better pullers provides experience & aids progression, promotion means the experience of the novice competition is lost. 

What happens if only 2 Pros attend a tournament?

-They may be (but not guaranteed to be be) offered to pull each other in a supermatch, otherwise the class will be combined with the weight above.

What is the Warzone format & why is it being used?

- The increase in the cost of living & rise of independant promotions putting on tournaments & supermatches has decreased participation in regional tournaments. The Warzone format promotes development for ambitious novices & value for money for the pros. To get a place (1-3) in a Warzone the puller has to get 15 pins. To be in the final requires 10 pins. Full explaination of the rules & format can be found on the WARZONE page on this site. In 2024 all PAA Regional Tournaments will be of the Warzone format unless otherwise stated. 

Can I weigh in at home on my own scales on the morning of a competition & send in the photo of my weight?

-No. There is often an opportunity to weigh in the night before an event on the official scales. Otherwise weigh ins on the day will be required. In 2024 all  regional competitions will have Warzone format for Pro classes so no weigh in required. Weigh ins for Novices will be on the day of competition. For the National competitions there will be a weigh in the night before.  

I don't know any other armwrestlers in my area but want to join a club/participate in competitions. Can you help?

-Check our Affiliated clubs page to see if there is a club near you. Most (but not all) armwrestling clubs use facebook so that can be a useful place to find out where people are. The Armbets app is also a good way to meet others interested in Armwrestling. Those wanting to enter their first competition need to have some basic understanding of safe pulling techniques & to have developed some specific conditioning beforehand. A club provides this structure. 

Can I pull in the National Championships? - I don't have a British or Irish Passport.

- Our criteria for competing in the National championships is RESIDENCY: a permanent address here in the UK & IRELAND for 5 years & COMMITMENT not to pull for anyone else.

Are the PAA entering a team for the WAF or IFA European  or World championships?

-Yes, we are entering IFA European & World championships each year. We use IFA rules as a framework for our competitions, & are a member nation. Pullers wishing to compete in any international competition will need to check with the host organisation for entry requirements. As an organisation we will not be entering WAF championships but have no objection or sanctions against anyone who wishes to pull with them. 

I haven't got a British or Irish Passport. Can I represent the UK & IRELAND in the IFA championships?

- Yes, if you fulfil the Residency & Commitment criteria listed above. This has been confirmed with IFA President Anders Axlo.

What about the the WAF championships?

The PAA has no objection. Entry via the BAF is the official route, WAF website has contact details. 

Why can't you put on a weight class that SUITS ME?

- We approximately follow the IFA weight classes in National competitions, but have less of the lower weight classes to reflect the amount of pullers. In regional competitions we are trying to provide events to suit a broad spectrum of pullers - both Pro & Novice. Too many weight classes & not many pullers devalues the standing of the competition. We also have to try to fit everything into the day. 

"Some of our pullers have been active overseas & don't declare their successes."

-  We can only go on what information we have. If you have evidence of pro status elsewhere for a puller show it to us." 

"Covid meant some people didn't compete for 2 years. Do we still count that time period?"

- Yes. You had 2 years to condition your elbow & study technique. 

"What if a puller gains a place on a day when no one else turned up & gets promoted too early?"

- Well that is the chance you take of entering any competition. We all want wins & have no control over who else decides to turn up or not. 

"What if a puller is only good on one arm. Can he stay novice on the bad arm?" 

- No. Experience & technique are gained as you progress & that is part of it.

"Do you count both arms separately as qualification if they both win on the same day?"

-This is more difficult. A dominant performance on both arms on the same day indicates that the puller is progressing within their class. It can sometimes (but not always) suggest a weaker field that day. In some circumstances we count the day's performance overall as the qualifer. If places occur in both Novice & Pro class or more than one class it is more likely a reflection of a strong performance. If this interpetation is wrong than people are getting promoted too slowly so there is some leaway already for those who think it is too fast. Those who feel they are "being held back" can simply cease to enter Novice competitions. 

As you can see there are a few grey areas & we're trying to apply things fairly & sensibly. There are also discrepancies. Independent promoters might allow a newly qualified or an injured pro to do pull a Novice comp which gets noticed by their immediate rivals more than anyone else. Some people need some time to progress carefully, others get stuck into the big league straight away & gain results quickly. A lot relies on honesty from the pullers themselves & whether or not they realise or keep track of their own qualifications. It was suggested by Dean Bolt that a certificate should be issued on qualification to the Pro class for those who do so outside of winning the Novice Nationals. The certificates have been made & will list the criteria that was met. These will be given out at future weigh ins. If you have a query about your status or want an update of your record contact me (Dan Earthquake via the get in touch button above right) & I will help as best as I can. 

"Why aren't supermatch wins considered for pro status?"

-It would take a panel of experienced pros to watch each match & determine whether circumstances or the form of the opponent was critical in the result. The loser of such matches often says afterwards that they had an injury or had been unable to train/perform because of something or other.  Tournament wins & places are a more reliable way to assess capability from results & the number of partcipants. 

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