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For those allergic to social media latest news will be here & deleted when no longer relevant.

Just under 2 weeks now for the next Regional Warzone which will be in Birmingham in the Bullet's Backyard. A few people are debating whether to come as the big prize for March is the Armgods Valhalla 3 show in Carlingford where there is a tournament for those not on the main card. So should you pull with a just 21 days (3 weeks for those who need fingers only) between? Well it depends how smart you're going to play it.

A normal double elimination tournament provides victory for the winner with usually less than 7 matches & if you suck at armwrestling it might be two & out. All the damage then gets done on the side table. The open Warzone format for pros & brave novices has a lot of action - the top 6 have to get 10 pins to get into the final & then the top 3 have to get another 5 pins. That could be a lot of damage if you're playing to win.

If you're out to try something new though it could help: It's not 2 & out, so if you have a persistent rival who has always beat you a new tactic could be tried. Maybe you let a few go if you don't like how the random draw put you in or you don't fight hard (saving for the next round) against those you know you can't win against. Drop out after a few goes if you get the workout you need early. Or maybe, you suck it up buttercup, throw caution to the wind & get your recovery on point so you gain from the experience. Maybe the absence of those taking it seriously will provide you with a medal that you never had. Getting a load of ready go's & set ups might help improve your timing if you can apply yourself to the game. If's & maybes: The future is always uncertain.

Valhalla 3: Paul Maiden has reminded everyone that you have to register your intention with Armgods to be in the tournament - you can't just turn up & hope your reputation will carry you. Being in the tournament won't get you entry to see the big show later either. It's a separate event & ticket. A few people seem to think I know a lot about how Armgods are running & contact me with all sorts of queries: In all cases I will refer you back to contact - I get my information from there & I listen to the Monday night youtube broadcast which has dates & details hidden cryptically amongst the arguing & wildness. If it ain't your cup of tea, then maybe being part of the event won't be either. In any case, you have to talk to Paul - as has been noted already this week, I am not his secretary. 

No further word yet from IFA - details for Euros so far: POLAND 13th - 17th June. The invitation link is here: . We have applied to be a member nation which if accepted will mean team registration - if not it will be individual as before. Their executive board has to meet to decide in due course. I will keep you updated here. 

As ever, the events calendar is the place to check times/dates & details. 

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