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DEAN BOLT added the Euro Gold medal to his World title in Masters superheavyweight.

Dan Hanlon fought the match of the day to pin the winner in the final to gain Silver in masters 86kg. 

Adrian O'Dwyer pinned the eventual senior 105kg winner 3 times in the semi final but caught a coincidental & 2 elbow fouls taking home the first IFA medal - Bronze - to Ireland.

Day 2 Right arm. 

Mark Waldon did the hokey cokey with the categories - in, out, in out & it meant he paid the most to eventually just pull right in the grand masters 105. It worked out as after a close battle in the final he took the Gold.

Adrian O'Dwyer made the final dominating the rest of the class. It was fouls that meant he had the silver, a very solid performance.

Kath Whittaker & I (Dan Earthquake) were awarded referee qualifications after assessment. I got 9 straight smashes (one was a false start) in the masters & senior superheavyweight classes. These losses earned me 2 fourth places, a 7th & a 9th. Progress is slow & I felt as good as I ever have. Most of my domestic rivals could have done better than me & the medals I failed to win could have come back home with us. But you have to be there to have a chance of winning one. There were monsters out in the wilds of Scandinavia but we have our own too. I heard of a lot of other competitions whilst there - I'm a bit blinkered to stuff outside the home nations but as well as the team that goes to IFA we have some great armwrestlers - Hightower, Kyle Hutchinson, Tom Holland, James Wall (& a lot of Europeans who live here) who travel about & get the job done. This link has some of the international competitions that are open without requiring any deals with the devil:

I also got told of the Nordic Open in Stockholm on 2nd December which isn't advertised anywhere yet - it's a week after the Pro nationals, so if you survive that you might join me there.

Thanks for all the messages of support & congratulations sent to the team these past few days. 

Whilst away the British Sit Down Armwrestling Association held the tournament to find this years champions - no waiting around for results from the Tutts - they are out already & I have reproduced them on the results page. 

10th June has an Armgods Superseries  - too late to enter I believe, but get in the next one by contacting them directly - see events calendar for details as ever.

Next for me is the Armagh agricultural show (also on June 10th.) Northern Ireland Armwrestling has a novice warzone & there is a grip gauntlet. Steaks are good in Armagh, & Davy Gibson has confirmed my order of a Pinkerton's breakfast. Happy days. There's other stuff going on which can be found on the events calendar - I'll update that mid week once I get to grips with latest announcements. 

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