President's Bulletin

For those allergic to social media latest news will be here & deleted when no longer relevant.

Upated 25th September  2022

The Knights of the road, the road warriors, crusaders, PAA UK & Ireland army is on the move. 

World's in Dieppe weigh ins are Tuesday, this is who we have registered I'll update this list with places as events unfold. 

Head ref: Kath Whittaker.

Junior 21
Ethan Fisher 78
Elliot Eccles 95
Lewis Claxton 63
Oleksandr Bilobrovka 63
Connor Sale 70
Tom Mitchell 70
Anil Najran 78
Craig Sanders 78
Harry Liell 86
Stanley Hamilton 86
Davy Gibson 86
Dan Hanlon 86
Ad Barnett 86 r only
Josh Davis 95
Greg Foster 95
Tom Woodward 95 r only
Dan Tutt 105
Jim Beech 105
Sergii Saraiev 105
Adrian O'Dwyer 105 r only
Baker supers
Mindaugas Dulskas supers
Paul Maiden supers r only
Masters 86
Dave Kelly
Stanley Hamilton
Luke Bowers
Dan Earthquake
Stuart Acton
Rab Nicholl
Dean Bolt
Paul Maiden r
Grand master
Davy Gibson 78
Teofil Bikers 78
Tim Liell 86
Mark Waldon 105

Nick Hall 105
Women 78 

Agy Gorzynska
Senior grand master
Dan Axworthy 70
Alan Milne 78

What a team. 

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