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In 2019 the UK&Ireland Professional Armwrestling Association (PAA) was formed by the 5 nations of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in order to progress the development of sport of Armwrestling in the home nations. Since then the PAA has hosted tournaments & national championships & built a strong structure for our athletes to pursue Armwrestling ambitions anywhere in the world. The UK & Ireland is in an ideal position - to the East lies the great nations of Europe & Asia who take the sport very seriously, often with state sponsorship. To the West lies the Americas where the sport has gained wider popularity to a more mainstream audience. New opportunities in Dubai have also developed recently. The PAA prides itself in being the cornerstone of development for this amazing sport in the home isles, whilst welcoming input from internationals who have joined us. We have representatives who have been all over the world & our ambition is to provide them with the ability to be competitive in any league or tournament they choose.

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This class is for new armwrestlers. This accommodates for armwrestlers who have been armwrestling for less than 5 years. If you have won a national novice title, won two non national novice events, have placed three times in a novice event, or placed twice in a pro event, then you progress to the Pro class.



Those who have qualified for the Pro class are excluded participating in Novice competitions. Novices can enter Pro tournaments to gain experience of the standard. Pros are selected for supermatches & special events - from thereon anything is possible.

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