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Udezumou UK is an experimental fun event inspired by the All Japan Arm Sumo Association. If your style relies on the comfort of strict rules, refs grip & vague voodoo using the strap this isn't for you. Negotiate your grip before the crowd boos. It's rough & tumble, running fouls on a king of the round table format.

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Wear knitted arm sleeve or sleeved top (One layer only.) Some supplied, bring your own if preferred.

The Grip.

Elbow must be placed thick orange line on own side & must not cross the other thick middle orange line.

Straight wrists to start unless both agree on hook.

Thumbs can be covered if neither appeal to ref in grip.

There is no refs grip, but a foul may be awarded to puller delaying deliberately.

When ready to start hold table edge. Do not grasp edge until ready.

Spectators are encouraged to boo if pullers take too long to grip up. 

Ref says "GO" when both competitors have grasped table edge.

Pin opponents knuckles (not wrist) to table/hold off edge for refs 3 count to win.

If pin hand is off edge of table or if defender is close to being pinned but not moving, ref will count "1,2,3" & award the pin. There has to be upward movement of defending hand/wrist to break count.


Deliberately not taking grip.

Elbow off table edge or above it. 

Contact other than arm/hand/wrist

Letting go of table edge after "GO"

Pulling Shoulder below table.

Both feet off floor.

False start = warning. 2 warnings = foul. 2 fouls = loss.

Running fouls - foul doesn't automatically stop match unless the opponent says restart. Otherwise person who fouled has to pin to get restart. Fouls cancel each other out.

No straps. Slip = non foul restart.

Running order: LEFT ARM TEAMS, RIGHT ARM TEAMS, Exhibition match(es), LEFT ARM FINALS, RIGHT ARM FINALS, ALL IN individual Left, ALL IN individual Right. Presentation.

Tag team King of the Table format. Random Draw selects first team who chooses who will pull.

Opposing team chooses who pulls.

Winning team stays on, swap side each match. Winner can pull again or tag partner. After 6 consecutive wins defending team has mandatory break until next round. Challengers continue in order. At end of list it is scrambled randomly.  Wins are recorded by tally on whiteboard next to team name. A team can quit the line but can't reenter once out.

First two teams to get 20 pins are into final. Four more teams fight to get 10 pins to also contest the final. 

Finals: Random draw. First team to 10 wins, 2nd team to 10 = second. Winning team gets name recorded on YAMAMOTO CUP.

There will also be an all in Overall King of the table tournament. Each team can select one member to represent them in teh Random draw, first to get 10 pins (or the number of opponents if more than 10) wins a king of table trophy. 

As always, Ref's decision is final.



SUNDAY 07 Jan 2024

Bartley Sailing Club, 101 Genners Ln, Bartley Green, Birmingham B32 3NU, UK

Registration 0930. Pulling starts 1100 Eat & be merry - there is no weigh in. 

Udezumou UK is an experimental fun event inspired by the All Japan Arm Sumo Association. If your style relies on the comfort of strict rules, refs grip & vague voodoo using the strap this isn't for you. Negotiate your grip before the crowd boos. Grasp the table edge when ready. Pin opponents knuckles to table/off edge for 3 count. If no movement ref can make a count against puller with knuckles closest to table. Defender must rise their hand to break the count. Slips result in a no foul restart. There is no strap. It's rough & tumble, running fouls on a king of the table format.

2024 continuess with the Round table & tag team rules: find a partner, formulate your strategy & see if your names will be engraved on the Yamamoto cup.

There is a random draw for order of pulling. Winning team stays on & states who will be the puller. Next team steps up & decides who will be taking them on. First team to get 20 pins is through to the final. The other teams continue until the second team gets 20 pins & then 10 pins for the third. Once the third team qualifies for the final pulling stops unless there is a draw of wins between other teams. These are played off for places. Left arms first. Right arms second. Short break & maybe an exhibition match or two for fun. Then the three final teams draw again to see who starts & it is the first team to 10 pins who are the winners, 2nd place to 10 runners up. The winning team will have had to make 30 pins so unlike most tournaments each puller gets a lot more goes for their entry fee. 

Finally there will be King of the Round table - all in, random draw - First to 10 pins each arm wins a King of the Round table trophy. 

Registration from 0930. Pulling starts 11am.  This year there is no weigh in - tag team category is open.2022 solo champion on right arm was Oleksandr Bilbrovka who was the lightest entrant & won his category & the overall title. In Udezumou the rules & technique can sometimes negate weight advantages.  

Entry fee £60 per tag team. Individuals can enter without a team will be paired with someone else if another is available. If not there will be a vote to determine who it would be fairest to make a 3 person team with.  (Last years winners Oleksandr & Viorel get free entry, as does last years referee Dave Kelly.) Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams. There will also be spot prizes (UdezumouUK vests) awarded for this & that. 

Bartley Sailing Club has a cafe serving food 9 - 2 & a bar which will be open from midday.



Billy No mates? Don't panic, we'll find someone for you* In desperate circumstance the FREEBIRD rule may be applied. 

*Within reason.

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