PRO NATIONALS 26th November 2022

Please read fully before entering this competition


Sat 26th Nov 2022

KINGS HEATH CRICKET & SPORTS CLUB, 247 Alcester Road South, Birmingham, B14 6DT UK

Weigh in Friday night 730 - 9pm

​                 OR

Weigh in on day 930-1100am.

Compulsory safety briefing 1130am.

Pulling starts 12pm.

Entry fee for the competition is £30 whether participating on one or both arms. 

As it is a national championships you can only pull in one weight class. ​

Weight classes: -65kg,-75kg, -86kg, -95kg, -105kg, +105kg, (Masters 50+) & Ladies open weight.

You must have been a resident of the UK or Ireland at a permanent address for the past 5 years & a commitment not to pull for anyone else.

Novices are allowed to pull but please talk with your team/club as to whether it would be good for you at this stage to compete.

If you have never armwrestled before this is not the competition for you & we will turn you away. The winners of the nationals will be exceptionally conditioned, having spent a long time preparing for this event. A look at the winners of previous years (see David Hornes list which is linked on the results page) reveals some of the killers currently walking the pro ranks. Being gym strong is not enough. Having an understanding of technique from watching videos will not be enough. It takes practice to apply the techniques safely so as not to injure yourself & conditioning to build up the connective tissue & muscle durability. For this reason entrants have to come from a club that we know of & can verify. At the weigh in we will ask who you pull with. Those who are not attached to a club will not be allowed to pull. It is very easy for a strong person to exert force in a way that will seriously injure themselves in an armwrestle. If you are going to be a force in this sport you will need patience & there are plenty of opportunities to gain it which can be found on the events page.

Important update 6th September 2022.
We do not have the facility to run a junior tournament. 
Following legal advice & much discussion this past week we will NOT now be able to accommodate anyone under the age of 18 to participate in the competition or future events or to be allowed to use the equipment provided for the pullers.