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25 time British Champion, Mighty Maiden also traveled the world competing in World Championships, World Armwrestling League & Armwars. Paul also provided the English commentary for the first PAL TOP 8 competition. Paul is active at the top end of the Pro Division also coaching his own team Club Torture.

Paul "Mighty" Maiden


I started training armwrestling in 2011 at the Preston Panters club, and my coach was Keith Taylor. In 2012 I was the Novice Class Champion and proceeded to further excel in the professional class. After a few years of training, I moved to the club torture and I am now trained by Paul Maiden. I am Polish and have lived in England for 13 years, and for my profession am a businessman. My size is biceps 43 cm, forearm 45 cm, hook and top roll dominant technique. Currently I am a super heavy weight competitor.

Adam "Concrete" Kaczor


From stoke on Trent Time in sport 2 1/2 years Started at Chesterfield bad boys. Now member at club torture in Leigh. Body weight 110kg Background- weight lifting , tug of war, boxing. Pulling style- top roller.

James "The Giant" Beech

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