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Everlast Cheltenham Armwrestling Taster day 28th May 2022

Alan Milne & I were with Daniel Constantine & Adrian Popescu on Sat 28th May in their home gym of Everlast in Cheltenham. Their training had inspired some interest from the gymbros & management who asked if we could do an introduction to armwrestling day. We battled each other continually & gave instruction & encouragement to those who wanted to try out our sport for the first time. I'm hoping the management liked it enough & we'll return there for a training day for all of us later in the year & maybe a competition in 2023.

Everlast Cheltenham 28-5-22: Image
Dan & Alan.jpg
Daniel Coaching.jpg
Adrian Coaching.jpg
Everlast Cheltenham 28-5-22: Team Members
Alan coaching.jpg
DE Coaching.jpg
DC coaching.jpg
DC REF.jpg
Everlast Cheltenham 28-5-22: Team Members
Everlast Cheltenham 28-5-22: Team Members
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